Prognosis Call Recording Assurance

Avoid the high cost of regulatory fines and reduce risk by ensuring compliance with call recording regulations.

Call Recording Assurance

Using innovative patent pending technology, Prognosis Call Recording Assurance verifies every call required to be recorded for legislation and regulatory purposes is recorded. It ensures financial or trading based businesses are compliant with call recording regulations and mitigates reputational risk. Through Media Integrity it checks whether the media file contains audible content.

Prognosis can verify; every call that should have been recorded has been, has content, and the content is audible.

  • Validates the recording file exists, has content and can check for zero file size.
  • Monitors the voice quality of every call, in real-time.
  • Monitors system and administrative failures in real-time, resulting in recordings being compromised.
  • Prognosis intelligent alerts highlight system issues fast.

Prognosis Call Recording Assurance delivers support for contact center system vendors Avaya, Cisco and Genesys, and call recording solutions from NICE and Verint.


Media Integrity

With the optional Media Integrity module, Prognosis Call Recording Assurance validates that media can be retrieved from the call recording platform and associated storage back-end system. 

It also uses machine learning algorithms to verifiy that the media has content and is audible.

With this information, you can ensure the media integrity of each call’s recording and safeguard the ability to replay every call. Be confident your call recordings have the highest fidelity each time.

Visualize voice recordings

To learn more about Call Recording Assurance download our product sheet or watch our on-demand webinar.