Prognosis for Contact Center

Prognosis identifies issues fast so you can take rapid action to protect the customer experience. Keep systems humming and nip issues in the bud - in real-time.

Prognosis for Contact Center

Plan, develop, deploy, operate and optimize.

Complete life cycle management solution from Day 0 to Day 2.

Outside-in Inside-out

Monitor and troubleshoot from the inside-out. Test from the outside-in.

IR Testing Solutions tests IVR and contact center systems from the outside-in. IR Prognosis troubleshoots and monitors from the inside-out. 

IR’s combination of both gives your contact center a powerful and unique view of your complete customer experience under real-world conditions.

  • Test the customer experience from the outside-in
  • Proactively manage call quality from the inside-out
  • Support your customers’ multi-channel choices
  • Predict, prescribe and automate problem resolution
  • Avoid costly compliance issues, knowing call recordings are up and running

Performance Monitoring

Customer Experience - Avoid delays and outages that frustrate your customers by identifying issues before your customers do. Resolve more calls first time by ensuring all critical systems are performing as planned. Ensure a quality customer experience on multiple channels; email, voice, video or text.

Real-time Effective Insight - Discover valuable insights through real-time analytics and historical reporting. Proactive end-to-end insights across contact center ecosystems that drive meaningful customer interactions. Root cause isolation within complex, interdependent call flows.

Performance and Availability Monitoring - Optimize the performance of your UC environment by understanding how to balance what you need and avoiding disruption. Prevent outages with predictive system performance management. Resolve issues quickly through automation adaptive monitoring to optimize agent experience and performance.

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Performance Testing

Pre-Production Testing - Prognosis StressTest™ is a load performance, cloud-based testing service providing the insight you need to manage, tune and verify contact center performance to go live with confidence.

In Operation Testing - Once you’re live, Prognosis HeartBeat™ gives insight to the complete end-to-end customer experience as they interact with your technologies.

Comprehensive Route Testing - Prognosis Automated Feature Function Testing is a repeatable way to feature test every possible scenario of an IVR application against design documentation throughout its life cycle. Be confident your solutions perform as intended.

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The Future of Contact Centers

The Age of the Customer is now. Companies focused on end-to-end customer journeys, across multiple channels and touch-points, are building significant competitive advantage, measurable business benefits and realizing reduced customer attrition. 

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How to Measure Customer Experience in a Digital World

There are three pillars to understanding the customer experience that your communications technology delivers – do you know what they are?

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