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Optimize IT Service Management with Prognosis Performance Management Solutions

Let’s face it modern IT infrastructures are complex, which means one of your greatest challenges will always be striking a balance between keeping costs down and the needs of your business and your customers. 

So every second, your teams work tirelessly to maintain order but the threat of a problem is never far away. That’s where IR Prognosis comes in. 

It simplifies IT service management and gives you the power to detect and resolve potential disasters, before impacting business processes and your customers.

How does Prognosis optimize IT service management?

  • The proactive problem solver: Prognosis sends customized alerts so your IT department is instantly aware of any problems, anywhere across your entire network. Problems are not left lingering to suddenly raise their heads and create catastrophic failures, taking days to fix.

    Clients are not left frustrated and angry because of lost services.
  • Pinpoint problems fast: Just knowing there is a problem is not good enough, you need to rapidly locate, isolate and resolve its source. With a unified dashboard across all the systems you manage Prognosis gives you powerful insight deep into your IT infrastructure.
  • Rapid trend analysis: How would you like to be able to analyze historical data and use it to detect unseen and potentially destructive patterns or trends before they cascade out of control? How about using it to predict future capacity or to retarget service level agreements? Prognosis gives you access to all the historical data you could need to keep you on the front foot.

This is what IT service management is all about – the ability to balance your core business needs whilst providing a first class service to your clients. Prognosis is a unique performance management solution you can’t afford to be without, because problems that happen in real-time need real-time resolution. 

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Prognosis gives you the insight your organization needs to ensure that your systems are running efficiently with the data and metrics you need to make proactive operational and business decisions with ease and is designed to grow effortlessly with your business.

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