Prognosis for Payments
FIS Management Solution

With the rapid growth in online transactions, your organization needs a performance management solution that optimizes your FIS payments processing network and ensures that you meet your service level agreements.

FIS Payments

Prognosis Performance Management for FIS Payments Environments

With the rapid growth in online transactions, performance management that optimizes your FIS payments processing network and ensures that you meet your service level agreements is vital.

This nirvana is not always easily achieved, because most companies have a disparate range of applications running on multiple platforms, and none were designed to work in harmony. So juggling multiple applications and trying to keep all your clients happy, day in and day out, whilst putting out multiple fires, seems to be the way of life in many organizations.

IR Prognosis delivers performance management solutions specifically for organizations that work in a FIS payments environment. These solutions not only make your systems run more efficiently, but enable you to mine your data logs for hidden information, which you can use to re-target service level agreements, and put out all those fires before they impact your clients.

ATM Transaction Manager

FIS Connex is one of the most used financial transaction software solutions in the world and the Prognosis ATM Transaction Manager was specifically designed to optimize this software.

It monitors transactions in real time, collectign system information that enables predictive analytics that are used to minimize outages, stand-ins and impacts on customer service.

Prognosis gives you the ability to drill down deep into your infrastructure and analyze real time and historical time-sensitive payments data on the fly. You can filter this in many ways including card issuer, acquirer, ATM location, transaction type, bank identification numbers (BINs) and many others.

The ability to use real time and historical data gives you the power to step in and immediately resolve issues, before they get out-of-hand and cost you serious money. You also have the insight to look back through your data for possible trends in transaction timeouts for example, or trends which help identify underutilized ATMs or (BINs) with excessive denials.

All of this information and much more can be accessed via a centralized interface or on a mobile device, where you can drill down through your infrastructure to follow the trail of the problem right to its root cause. This gives your business the ability to instantly respond to transaction or ATM problems and resolve them, without spending valuable time looking in the wrong place.

POS Transaction Manager

In today’s fast-paced financial world life seems to be all about putting out fires and trying to keep all of your systems online. Prognosis POS Transaction Manager was specifically designed to monitor and optimize POS transactions in FIS Connex payments environments giving you the power to identify and address POS problems in real-time, and minimize the impact on your customers.

Prognosis lets you drill right down into your infrastructure and discover the root cause of any problems and resolve them, all in real-time. Imaging being able to fix your client’s POS problems, before they have even called you to complain? Then answering in response to their call – it’s fixed. That’s an outright winner, right there.

And Prognosis can do so much more for your business. It gives you real-time data on transaction denials or failures, stand-ins and slow response times. You can look back over your data to identify patterns in transaction denials, reasons for reversals and badly performing card bases.

Whatever data you need to help identify and resolve POS problems or help you optimize your system in general by analyzing historical trends is available to you 24/7. Even problems affecting a small number of transactions is easily fixed, once you have been alerted to the problem and have the know-how at your fingertips to locate and resolve the problem in real-time.

This is what Prognosis was designed to do; give you the confidence that your POS network is highly available and performing well, and that customer impacts are being minimized.

IST/Switch Transaction Manager

Enhanced Performance Management with Prognosis FIS IST Switch Transactions Manager.

In today’s fast-paced world with millions of transactions occurring around the globe every day, if your organization does not have an efficient performance management solution in place, you could be leaving money on the table.

Prognosis gives you the power to monitor and manage all of your transactions from a unified, centralized dashboard. In fact, it can be extended to any financial platform, providing your business with a single management view across all of your transactions in real-time.