Key Pillars of IR Service Provider Program

IR have three key pillars in our offering for Service Providers: accelerate the time to revenue, reduce service delivery costs, and meet SLAs and de-risk the UC & contact center environment.

As a Service Provider it’s your job to make sure your customers have a great experience, every time. Your customers come to you because they don’t want to deal with service issues, they want you to handle it. We can help you.

Our market leading performance analytics for unified communications and contact centers keeps you a step ahead of problems. Our service assurance gives you peace of mind. Our user experience management is second to none. Best of all: we let you see across all vendors; Microsoft, Cisco & Avaya, in one place.

Deliver superior customer experiences, enhanced operations that reduce costs and ensure SLAs are met across all communication channels with IR’s advanced multi-tenant platform.

Accelerate Time to Revenue

As a Service Provider revenue and cost goals can be challenging to deliver with tight operational margins. Reduce your time to deploy and activate new managed customers faster with Prognosis for Service Providers. Promote innovative new revenue streams and provide value added services for your customers.


  • Flexible deployment and operation models support many SP business models including private cloud hosting, premise remote managed, single and multi-tenant, etc. 
  • Streamlined deployment with lower technology footprint through virtualized software and API-based data gathering. No need for hardware probes.

Differentiate your service offerings with a complete performance monitoring solution for multi-vendor environments.

Reduce Service Delivery Costs & Improve Efficiency

Being forced to employ separate tools for various vendor systems to gain visibility and insight is a nightmare. Prognosis for Service Providers reduces costs and improves service delivery efficiency across multi-vendor UC and CC services. 

Streamline your operational productivity with a single performance and monitoring solution that delivers the visibility, monitoring, alerting and insights for voice, video, meetings and contact center environments.

Minimize downtime and improve mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) for service impacting incidents with costly SLA penalties and customer dissatisfaction.


  • Centralized view across customers in one operator experience; from single solution to multi-tenant deployment architecture.
  • Automatic integration with incident management (ITSM) systems, and other critical IT Operations systems.
  • Comprehensive alerting and customized thresholds.

Meet SLAs & Deliver Customer Satisfaction

Service impacting incidents are expensive and can be difficult to identify and resolve. The monetary penalties dealt from not meeting SLAs hurts revenue and margin. Deliver peace of mind to customers with proactive monitoring, alerting and troubleshooting to enhance end-user experiences and drive productivity.

It’s hard to drive usage when user experience is below expectations due to poor performance. Prognosis for Service Providers allows you exceed customer expectations and differentiate your services by delivering high quality services and end-user satisfaction.


  • Deep domain experience with best practice Service Provider expertise built in.
  • Provide customer access to view performance reports and validate service delivery.

Watch how BT is using IR Prognosis to deliver a better service to its OneCloud customers

Leading Service Providers rely on Prognosis to power their Communications outsourcing services:

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