BT One Cloud

BT One Cloud Monitoring uses IR Prognosis to ensure optimal performance across their One Cloud Cisco and One Cloud Skype for Business managed solutions.

BT One Cloud

Getting the most out of your unified communications (UC) can be tricky, especially when you have technology from multiple vendors and complexity built up over time. Complexity can make it difficult to see what's happening in your unified communications infrastructure, which makes troubleshooting drawn out and challenging.

BT One Cloud uses IR Prognosis to provide visibility across their customers' communications ecosystems, so their customers can monitor and manage their setup to deliver the best user experience.

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BT Case Study

From Magnifying Glass to Microscope: Alignment

IR Prognosis gives BT end customers cloud unified communications visibility.

  • INDUSTRY: Telecommunications - Service Provider
  • PROBLEM: BT One Cloud Cisco customers moving from an enterprise on-premises solution to a managed cloud service still required high level visibility in their UC environment.
  • CHALLENGE: Implementing a streamlined dashboard that brings together a comprehensive overview of the end users UC environment and provides BT’s Global Services division with technical insights and visibility to effectively manage their customers’ environment and deliver against SLA’s.
  • SOLUTION: Prognosis for Unified Communications
  • BENEFITS: Custom-made, simplified key health indicator dashboards through a single view for end customers aligned with advanced dashboards for BT’s operations team.

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