Prognosis UC and Contact Center Testing Solutions

IR Prognosis UC and Contact Center experience management ensures the dynamic interactions within your ecosystem are on the money every time. You can test it ‘til it breaks, nip issues in the bud, validate call recording and keep systems humming - all in real time 24 x 7.

Prognosis Testing

Performance Testing

From design to development, delivery, production and evolution - IR Testing Solutions provides cloud-based end-to-end, automated testing as a service. This army of secret shoppers will let you know if the solutions you’ve provided are delivering the easy-to-use, low-effort and high-quality customer experience you intended.

Just like real customers, you can analyze real interactions and observe, tune and verify voice, IVR, and website performance under various conditions. This gives you the confidence at every stage of the communications solution lifecycle that they work as intended. 

As the only fully integrated proactive systems management and testing product solution for UC and contact centers Prognosis will make sure it’s humming along end-to-end, all day, every day.

Together we can manage the complexity that is your world.

Prognosis Testing Solutions

Testing every stage of the application’s lifecycle

During Development : Pre-production : Production

Prognosis StressTest

Load and performance cloud-based testing gives you the insight you need to manage, tune and verify contact center performance before you go live. You can create load with virtual shoppers who access and use contact center technology exactly as it’s intended to be used: one at a time, or hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands.

Whether you’re adding a new service, recovering after repair, or upgrading self-service capabilities, StressTest allows you to manage the risk of change. StressTest exercises your systems with traffic volumes representative of what they will encounter under peak traffic conditions so you can be certain your carriers, cloud services, internal networks, and applications are robust and ready for prime time so you can go live with confidence.

Prognosis StressTest
Prognosis StressTest
Prognosis HeartBeat

Prognosis HeartBeat

You’re confident your application is performing according to design. And you know it can take the load you placed on it during stress testing. Prognosis tells you that.

But do you know if every single feature is still working in every location and for every agent? That’s what Prognosis HeartBeat does for you.

It initiates Virtual Customer test calls that interact with your system through the public telephone network just like real customers. You decide how frequently test calls occur—from one call an hour, a day or week to several calls an hour, or continuously.

If the response at a given step is unexpected or takes longer than anticipated – Prognosis HeartBeat lets you know. It bridges the gap between internal monitoring and actual end-to-end performance so you can understand the complete customer service experience and get straight on it, before your customers are affected.

Prognosis HeartBeat

IVR Feature Function Testing

Feature Function Testing is a comprehensive and repeatable way to verify each feature of an IVR application against design documentation throughout its life cycle. Delivered as a managed service, outside-in testing provides a comprehensive assessment of the customer experience actually delivered.

You can verify that your solution is developed, implemented and performs as intended by building a comprehensive test case library you can execute on demand.

IVR Testing
IVR Feature Function Testing