Load and Performance Testing with Prognosis StressTest™

StressTest™ is a cloud-based load and performance testing service that gives you the insight you need to manage, tune and verify UC and contact center performance so you can go live with confidence.

StressTest goes beyond component level testing to deliver comprehensive performance verification of production systems and environments. By testing UC, IVR, and contact center systems from the outside-in, StressTest services reveal the customer perspective of system performance under real-world conditions. 

Whether it’s a new service, recovery after repair, upgraded or expanded self-service capabilities, StressTest allows you to manage the risk associated with implementing complex UC and contact center solutions.

Prognosis StressTest
Prognosis StressTest

A cloud-based load and performance testing service to manage, tune and verify contact center performance.

How StressTest works

IR Testing Solutions works with you to prepare a test strategy and configure test processes that remotely generate Virtual Customer® voice calls. These interact with your solution just like real customers through the public telephone network. As StressTest services are cloud-based there’s no need to purchase any hardware or software and no equipment or software is added to your infrastructure.

Your teams can even interact with the test process just like your customers! Using touch-tone and or speech inputs under production and even failover conditions each automated test call dials into and interacts with the business solution as defined in the test case.

This means you can observe the actual customer experience without risking real customer satisfaction, and be confident you’re providing the customer service experience you intended.

Benefits of Stress Testing

  • Participate in flexible test sessions to suit your schedule

    Tests and retests ensure the solution performs as expected under load and verifies capacity and performance and stability.

  • Go into production with confidence

    Outside-in, end-to-end performance test in the production environment ensures that your customers’ first use experience will be a good one.

  • Gain comprehensive call results

    The results of each call, including information about step-by-step response times, are captured and made available in real-time via the web, and after the test session via detailed reports.

IVR Testing

Prognosis Feature Function Testing is a comprehensive and repeatable way to test each feature of an IVR application against design documentation throughout its life cycle.

Prognosis IVR Testing 


Once live ensure all features are still working with HeartBeat. It initiates Virtual Customer test calls that interact with your system through the public telephone network just like real customers.

Prognosis HeartBeat