Digital Transformation success driven by optimized Unified Communications and Collaboration performance

Nemertes Research issues paper

For Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) to operate at maximum efficiency, IT leaders must carefully evaluate management and monitoring tools. Most, however, delay this analysis until they run into problems.

Almost 70% of companies have a digital transformation initiative underway. Given employees, customers and partners all rely on UCC to communicate and collaborate, outages or slowdowns by definition will slow performance, directly affecting the value metrics so crucial to digital transformation initiatives.

Download the Nemertes Research report to learn:

  • How performance management reduces Unified Communications & Collaboration Operational Costs by 50%.
  • Why companies with successful digital transformation initiatives are investing 72% more in UCC.
  • The true cost of downtime on your business (even with 99.9% uptime).
  • How to increase UCC user adoption by 31%.
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